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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 32.4%
  • TERPS 5.3%

Peyote Kush Cake

Peyote Kush Cake is a future classic for seasoned fans. It’s a great combination of Skunk with Cheese, Gas, and Cake. 4+ percent terpenes in this cut. It is a heavy hitter! Contains: 7 grams

Veteran allotment: 7.0

Pack Date: 2024-01-11

About Peyote Kush Cake

Peyote Kush Cake is a future classic for seasoned fans. It’s a great combination of Skunk with Cheese, Gas, and Cake. 4+ percent terpenes in this cut. It is a heavy hitter! Big Myrcene and Limonene flower with supporting Linalool and Caryophyllene. Buds present cakey, mostly lighter green with bright orange pistols.

Contains: 7 grams

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


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Customer Reviews

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All around value, cost and effect wise. Enjoyable experience.

Very good / cheesy

This is a great smoke , cheesy

BC Weed Co Peyote Kush Cake (Purefire Co)29.3% thc 3.5% terpenes via (Herbal Dispatch)

BC Weed Co Peyote Kush Cake (Purefire Co)29.3% thc 3.5% terpenes via (Herbal Dispatch)


Today, I'm trying BC Weed Co Peyote Kush Cake grown by craft grower Purefire Co. BC Weed Co based in BC Canada packages and distributes for craft growers. Purefire Co is family owned and operating craft cannabis out of Penticton, BC. The strain I will be reviewing today is the Peyote Kush Cake, which is a mix of Peyote Critical x Grape Cake Head . This strain is packaged on Nov 27 2023. It is coming in at 29.3% thc and 3.5 % terpenes. On herbal dispatch medical site, it lists the dominant terpenes as Myrcene,Limonene , and Linalool and also has Caryophyllene listed as well. I purchased this 7 gram format for 69.95$ before tax on herbal dispatch.

Opening up tin can I'm presented with mediums and small buds . It got nice coating of tricomes throughout the bud and nice structure. It has some nice light green hues mix with a touch purple hues and orange pistils. The buds were tad dry but didn't affect the buds. They still had some great spongyness to them after I transferred them over to jar . Breaking up a buds their was even nice sticky pull apart of tricomes .

Opening up tin can I'm presented with strong aroma . The first notes I'm getting are nice heavy musky/skunk notes that are heavy in the aroma. It is followed by what I can deacribe as a cheesy kinda funk in the background, still quite noticeable aroma .As I continued, I got an earthyness with some nice gas and subtle pine notes that mix in with everything. Overall, it is a great pungent aroma. With everything kinda mixing in to make nice aroma for those who enjoy skunky and earthy, dominate smelling strains.


After breaking up some bud and putting it in the grinder, I top off my vape and start it. In my first inhale, I can taste notes of heavy earthyness. As I continue, that strong muskyness comes through with notes of floral coming in the background. There are some gassy notes in the background, the heavy earthy/muskyness. Also, in the notes of the muskyness, there are sutble spiced notes that can't quote and put my finger on it. Overall, it was very pleasant and smooth smoked through the vape and its terpenes. It was also smooth through a bong and a joint. Those earthy/muskyness tones came out smooth in a joint, which was nice.


After inhaling 3-4 mins have passed, it hit with a heavy dose of moderate potency immediately. The effects that I first get are nice body buzz with tingling throughout my feet and hands. Not too long after, maybe 5 mins have passed by. I get some uplifting vibes that mix in a nice touch of it, but not a lot. This effect is soon followed by some great amount of euphoria and blanket of sedation, and calmness hits you. It does have the effects of appetite stimulate as time passes.. This whole time, it has stayed at a steady moderate level .Those early sedation turn into nice couchlock, which eventually kick into some nice sleepy vibes . It ends what is very nice potent strain with great lineage of peyote critical/bubba kush for its sedating properties but also nice mix of Grape Cake Head lineage.


My first time trying product through BC Weed Co, I was quite happy and impressed with Peyote Kush Cake . PureFire Co, the growers that BC Weed Co packaged, did a great job with this strain pungent aroma,great bud structure, and effects to boot. Someone like me who enjoys Bubba kush and mixes of it . This strain is a great potent strain for around evening/nighttime its great potent couchlock sedating strain .Which has personally helped me with chronic pain and insomnia. For high and low tolerance users, I would recommend this strain. Low tolerance users I would approach with small amounts first cause it hits quickly and hard with its heavy sedating. BC Weed Co can be found on rec side in BC and some other provinces, I believe, as well as Herbal Dispatch medical before they just recently sold out .I hope to see a return of their products medically from great grower like Purefire Co also want to note if you see Purefire Co Critical Condition strain in Purefire select it is in the rotating sku still I believe, I recommend grabbing it . I've heard it is well received and is the same strain as Peyote Kush Cake if you can't get your hands on it they are just different phenos that differentiate with their terpenes but I've heard simliar in effects from what I've heard.

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

Fire 🔥

Another perfect example of top quality weed. Nice Indica , leaves you happy and creeps into sedation. Love the linalool coming through on this one.

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