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  • Sativa Sativa
  • THC 33.3%
  • TERPS 2.8%

Harmony Haze - LA Wedding Pop (Smalls)

This bud produces centred and calming effects that are great for a wake-and-bake on a day when you want to get up and moving without any sort of frenzied chaos or anxiety that can come with heavy sativas. Contains: 28 grams

Veteran allotment: 28.0

Pack Date: 2024-04-01

About Harmony Haze - LA Wedding Pop (Smalls)

When you need a little pick-me-up or some creative inspiration, look no further than Happy Hour's Harmony Haze. Made with premium craft cannabis, Harmony Haze will uplift your mood and spark your creativity with its energizing and euphoric effects. So why wait for happy hour? 

LA Wedding Pop is a sativa hybrid strain made from a genetic cross between Wedding Cake and Triangle Kush. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, LA Wedding Pop features flavors like pepper, vanilla and sage.

Contains: 28 grams

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Benjamin Bohnsack

This has been one of the best Sativa's that I have smoked in awhile and I could not be happier. Would totally recommend buying and I will be buying again 100%.

Jack Houtekamer
Good, nice kick. Almost an old style gold flavour.

Good value.

Not haze but good

Another GSC variation, this is not haze. Haze is an actual strain, not a name.

Pretty decent value

Pieces are definitely on the small side but it does the trick and gets me high. Smells and tastes really nice. Nice that the Boveda was in the pack so the buds had the perfect moisture content.

A misnomer at 33%THC

Maybe the plant tested at 33%THC but there's no way on God's green earth that these smalls are even close to 30%THC, maybe not even 25%. The smalls are beyond small, they are pinners, barely even big enough to be classified as shake. Tiny, tiny, buds. Not even buds, just shake. Total misrepresentation. DO NOT BUY! If you think you're getting 33%THC bud you're going to be very, very disappointed. Would haven't purchase back if I could but opened pouch and smoked a couple of joints to see if was any good. Short story, it's not. Very disappointing.

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When life gets too hectic and overwhelming, it's always nice to unwind and relax with some cannabis. And what better way to do that than with Happy Hour cannabis?

At Happy Hour, we believe that everyone deserves a break from the stress and chaos of daily life. Because let's face it, sometimes we all need a little "happy hour" in our lives.

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