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From NBA Courts to Cannabis Culture: Al Harrington's Viola Revolution

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From NBA Courts to Cannabis Culture: Al Harrington's Viola Revolution

From NBA Courts to Cannabis Culture: Al Harrington's Viola Revolution

Founded in 2011 by NBA-veteran Al Harrington, Viola is the leading Black-owned producer and licensed reseller of premium cannabis. At the time, Harrington was nearing the end of his NBA career and was playing as a power forward for the Denver Nuggets when his grandmother, Viola, came to visit him.

Viola's visit turned out to be a pivotal moment for Harrington. His grandmother had been suffering from painful glaucoma and was using several different medications to alleviate her symptoms. After witnessing the relief and improved quality of life that medical cannabis provided for his grandmother, Harrington was inspired to become an advocate for cannabis research, education and accessibility.

Today, Viola is the largest Black-owned cannabis brand in the world producing premium products with a commitment to quality and innovation. With a strong emphasis on family values, Viola strives to create a positive impact in the communities it serves.


Viola’s line of premium products

With a product line that includes flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls, Viola offers a variety of high-quality options for the cannabis consumer. Their products are carefully crafted with expertise and precision that even a grandmother would approve of.

The Drop THC Extract - a water-soluble ingestible extract that contains 500mg of THC in a 20ml bottle; this is equivalent to 50 x 10mg THC beverages. The Drop is colourless, odourless, and has minimal taste. With 0.5mg of THC per drop, this product is great for accurate and controlled dosing.

Viola’s AI ’96 - a 3.5g indica-dominant flower named after Viola's brand ambassador and Hall of Fame NBA player, Allen Iverson. AI ’96 packs a punch of sweet fruit and berry flavours, with sharp notes of savoury diesel. With a total-body relaxing effect, Viola’s AI ’96 is the MVP of the flower game.

Bucketz Loosies Pre-rolls - Viola’s 10 x 0.3g “dog-walker” style pre-rolls. These pre-rolls are crafted with a high-potency, sativa-dominant flower, glittering with trichomes and pops of purple. With a gassy nose profile and juicy berry flavour, Bucketz Loosies Pre-rolls are going to be your new go-to for a quick, uplifting smoke.

Grandma’s Pie Vape Pen - a balanced 1:1 CBD:THC formula that offers a sweet and fruity flavour profile. Produced with fresh frozen live resin, the rich terpene profile produces a smooth hit with a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palette.

Bucketz Live Terpene 510 Vape - a highly potent sativa-dominant disposable vape with a gassy aroma and fruity flavour. Produced with fresh frozen live resin extracts, and slightly diluted with distillate to deliver a smooth draw. Featuring new premium hardware with USB-C charging and consistent dosage.

Bucketz Diamond Infused Blunt - For those looking for a luxurious smoking experience, Viola offers their signature Bucketz Diamond Infused Blunt. This iconic blunt has 1g of the legendary gassy Bucketz sativa strain, hemp-wrapped with 250mg of Bucketz THCa crystals homogenously sprinkled throughout for an extra kick.

Bucketz Diamonds - Produced with small batch, fresh frozen sativa plants that are extracted to produce live resin, and then further purified into THCa crystalline. If you’re looking for a delicious and high potent concentrate that’ll provide euphoric effects, Viola’s Bucketz Diamonds are for you!


Join the movement: Elevate your experience with Viola

As the largest Black-owned cannabis brand, Viola takes great pride in delivering premium products with a strong commitment to quality and family values. Grandmother-approved and NBA-inspired, Viola's products are crafted with expertise and passion to provide you with a remarkable cannabis experience. Find out why grandmas and NBA players alike are choosing Viola. Elevate your experience with Viola today!