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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 21.5%
  • TERPS 2.5%


You can expect notes of diesel and gas, garlic and cheese, and citrus grapefruit. Handcrafted with love. Contains: 3.5 grams

Veteran allotment: 3.5

Pack Date: 2023-12-18

About 1892

Based in Kenora Ontario, this two grower team with over 20 years of experience does everything by hand to ensure the highest quality life for each plant.

You can expect notes of diesel and gas, garlic and cheese, and citrus grapefruit. After harvest our strict regime of a very cold and dark dry and cure locks in the flavour and translates to a smooth well-rounded smoke and finish. With a full 8 strong terpenes in final testing this strain shows a unique depth of flavour providing a pleasant experience to accompany the smooth white ash.

Contains: 3.5 grams

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


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Customer Reviews

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What a great strain!

From the moment I opened the package of 1892 by Lake of the Woods Bud Co., I knew I was in for something special. The variety of phenotypes visible right in the bag, from the rich purples to the vibrant greens, it was a visual delight. But it was the aroma that truly captivated me, with notes of fresh grapefruit and black pepper upfront and im your face. Grinding the buds only intensified the experience, unveiling a flavor profile unlike any other strain I’ve tried.

Lighting up a joint, I was immediately greeted by the refreshing taste of grapefruit followed by hints of black pepper and garlic, creating a clean and flavorful smoke. It’s evident that these plants are cared for meticulously from start to finish. As the high set in, I found myself mellowing out, perfectly balanced for some light yard work and enjoying nature’s beauty. While any stress and anxiety melted away, I was left feeling clear headed and more grounded and connected. From start to finish, 1892 offers a truly enjoyable and uplifting experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Truly a smoke that deserves to be taken note of, memorable in all the right ways.

About Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Bud Co. was started by a couple who forced their way in to this industry. We found land, we cut trees... we began our empire and legacy. When we are not in the grow pod, we spend every other possible minute we can with our kids. The Bud Co family, is a real family, made by a real family, for other families like you.