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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 30.0%
  • TERPS 2.6%

33 Splitter

33 Splitter is a 50% sativa and 50% indica weed strain made from a genetic cross between Gelato and Atom Splitter. If you’re looking for a balanced and potent hybrid that can boost your mood and energy, 33 Splitter might be the strain for you. 

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Pack Date: 2023-12-22

About 33 Splitter

BlackRose Reserve offers a premium whole cannabis flower from a local Ontario Micro Cultivator with this 50/50 hybrid strain 33 Splitter. A cross of Gelato 33 and Atom Splitter, this dense and frosty strain has a citrus diesel aroma which gets smooth and creamy over time. Enjoy a strong and balanced experience from this hybrid for everything from creativity to relaxation.

BlackRose Reserve offers only small batch top tier cultivars grown by micro growers from all across Canada. Your Journey, Our Craft.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's a 3 for me

I found the unpacking process seriously underwhelming. My package contained many pea size or less, near odorless pieces to make up the 1/8. The pieces are dense and great looking in appearance, just small and odorless. With that being said, this is a higher quality product that gets the job done.

Appearance 4.5
Size 2
Aroma 2
Smoke 4

That's why it's a 3 for me.


Loved everything about this strain , super smooth , unique taste , potent smell and nicely trimmed nugs. The high is very enjoyable as well :)

About Black Rose Reserve

Black Rose Reserve is a licensed micro-processor of the highest quality cannabis products. Black Rose believes in the importance of careful manual processing methods to produce premium products and superb customer experiences.