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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 30.3%
  • TERPS 3.6%


Bazookas (Bubblegum Biscotti x Grape Gasoline bred by Compound Genetics) that provide a potent, pungent aroma that is sure to be appreciated by experienced cannabis connoisseurs. The Bazookas has huge dense buds covered with trichomes.

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Pack Date: 2023-08-16

About Bazookas

Bazookas (Bubblegum Biscotti x Grape Gasoline bred by Compound Genetics) has a potent, pungent aroma that is sure to be appreciated by experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Bazookas have huge dense buds covered with trichomes. 

Complemented with high-powered effects and therapeutic benefits, this strain will give users an uplifting euphoria before mellowing into calm clarity throughout the body.

Terpene Analysis

  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.65%
    • 0.63%
    • 0.27%
  • Limonene
    • 0.65%
    • 0.63%
    • 0.27%
  • Humulene
    • 0.65%
    • 0.63%
    • 0.27%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Adam Beaulac
Really nice flavor and potency

Would order agian

Dan Rivet

I love this strain, nice buds, nice flavour and a great high. Takes my stress away and helps turn things off so I can sleep.

Smooth !

Great variety, I found it super smooth !


Pretty decent all rounded bud, but was expecting it to be a tad bit better.

Nice First Experience

This was my first time trying a cultivar from this particular producer!! They made a fantastic first impression!!! The terpenes were a bit muted when first opening the jar, however the eighth came in one 3.5 gram nug with great bag appeal!!! The bud was spongey and caked with tricomes and after breaking up in the grinder the nose became much more apparent!!! This bud didn't hit quite as hard as I had expected but still a very relaxing and enjoyable smoke!! Would recommend!!!

Ostara Medical Bazookas 30.28%thc 3.59% terpenes

Ostara Medical Bazookas 30.28%thc 3.59% terpenes



Todays brand I'm trying is Ostara Medical their facilites are based in Salaberry-De-Valleyfield ,Quebec. The strain i will be reviewing today is Bazookas by Compound Genetics .It is a mix of Bumblegum Biscotti x Grape Gasoline. I received this strain on August 29th ,2023 it was packaged July 10th,2023. This 14 grams cost 109.95$ before discounts and tax via Herbal Dispatch. This batch of this strain is coming in at 30.8%thc and 3.59%terpenes.

I received 5 medium-sized buds in 14 gram plastic containers. They have some slight dryness but still retain some moisture and some spongyness. It is littered in tricomes on all the buds' great presentation. The slight dryness is the only knock I have against this strain.l have confirmation they will be having their 3.5s in glass jars and 14 grams in mylar bags with humidity pack.

The aroma starts off with some nice gas terpenes mixed with some spiced notes very similar to what I find in Bubba kush. As I continued, I got some notes I could describe as earthyness mixed with woodsy/pine forest aroma not as strong but comes on nicely still.
The dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humlene, Pinene with 3.59% terpenes.


As I started to fill my dried herb vape the first notes, I got some subtle swee notes followed by some heavy citrusy,lemon . Continuing I do pick up on what i can describe as some subtle piney notes in the background very simple flavour throughout the vape but overall smooth and very enjoyable smoke as well burned smooth in other methods like bong ,joint.

Starting after my first inhale, about 7 mins have passed, and I get hit immediately with medium/moderate potency. Immediately after the 7 min mark, I get some euphoria and uplifting effects with almost full body relaxation following not long after . As more time passes, that potency cranks up to moderate potency with those relaxing effects kicking in more im left in nice calmness. Not too long after, I get a strong appetite (munchies) that kick in while those couch lock vibes finally settle, leaving ready to get some sleep head of for the night. Overall, I would recommend this as a great evening to nighttime strain for both high tolerance users and low tolerance users . Although low users want to start off small first. This strain is a very great overall potent strain. I find it great for those who have trouble eating or have stomach issues from personal experience. As well its great strain for those who deal with insomnia but also lifts mood too leaving you happy settled and ready to relax and rest away .


Overall, I'm very satisfied with this offering from Ostara Medical. As I mentioned, the only issue I had with this strain was slight dryness that I believe was cause the plastic containers .I have been told they have now started using glass jars on their 3.5s as previously mentioned and mylar bags for 14 grams with humidity pack. Overall, I'm impressed with the effects and bud structure by their bazookas strain, and after sitting in a mason jar a bit, the aroma did come back somewhat stronger back. I would personally recommend their bazooka strain. As well I have also heard their other strains have been received well like their Life Hack,Grape Stank,Dirty Taxi,Gas Cake, and their Long Valley Legend (balance strain)

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

Just meh

I purchased this because of the rave reviews. It was packaged in July of 2023 which might be part of the problem. Buds were smallish and extremely dry and very little to no aroma after opening the crappy plastic jar. Didn't cut it for me but I will use it to make salad with Dirty Taxi.

Great stuff

Look and smell good, White ash.

Very tasty


Very tasty


About Ostara

Symbolic of the rebirth of life and the earth, Ostara is a celebration during the spring equinox. According to mythology, Ostara is the goddess who can awaken nature’s energy and spring’s joy after winter’s lethargy. The goddess envelopes the earth with an aura of fertility and abundance, joys and compassion; a period of renewal.

Ostara Medical's mission is to become a revolutionary international business with a unanimously positive impact on the community and within the medical cannabis industry.