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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 27.1%
  • TERPS 5.0%

Coco Bamba

Bred By Exotic, grown with care by Pure Fire Co. The terpenes are outstanding in this flower! Large buds present a mix of green and purple colouring.

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Pack Date: 2024-04-09

About Coco Bamba

Bred By Exotic, grown with care by Pure Fire Co. The terpenes are outstanding in this flower! Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linalool abound. Pungent sweet cheese with a nice fruity aroma. Large buds present a mix of green and purple colouring.

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene

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Customer Reviews

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Coco bamba

Litterally in my top 3 of best weed I've ever smoked in the past 20 years, the bud is a year old and it's still at perfect moisture level with 5% terps this is just super fkn dank!!! The buds are so friggin beautiful I catch myself just staring and smelling the one big bud I've been saving for last! I almost want to frame it or turn it into a Christmas ornament and hang it on my tree every year just so I can admire it! Lmfao. It's expensive but well worth the extra few bucks that it is, I'm glad I decided to splurge a lil and try it out.

BC Weed Co (Purefire Co) Cocobamba 32.2% thc 5 % terpenes


Today, I will be trying BC Weed Co Cocobamba, grown by Purefire Co .This will be my second time trying BC Weed Co and product grown by Pure Fire Co.BC Weed Co based in BC Canada packages and distributes for craft growers. Purefire Co is family owned and operating craft cannabis out of Penticton, BC.Today strain is Cocobamba it is a mix of Mint Chocolate Chip and Rainbow Chip. This strain is coming in at 32.2% thc and 5% terpenes. I purchased these 2 x 7 gram containers from Herbal Dispatch 69.95 before tax and discounts. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out. Herbal listed the terpenes in this batch without numbers as Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. Also, the BC Weed Co site also labels linaloo as the main terpene, too. I purchased these tins on April 11th, 2024.

Opening up my 2 tins, I'm welcomed with nice 5-6 decent sized small and medium-sized buds in each tin. The buds are all nicely coated in tricomes and have nice spongyness to them with outside dryness to them . The buds have nice subtle mix of green hues and purples, but these buds I do notice have more than nice amount of orange hairs all over the buds . The trim on buds is on point and has no issues, and the moisture I find is just in the right area you want it to be .


Opening the tin up the initial aroma I get a strong smell of is funky cheese like aroma . As I proceeded to grind up the bud, the strong aroma of cheese almost became more balanced in the aroma. Get a fair smell of pine and citrus come in the background. As I continued smelling the aroma, I get I can best describe as meld of earthyness with fruityness but little more heavy on earthy side . The aroma throught is pungent one and I find it interesting initially the cheese aroma gave me pause but I find this strain has nice collective of other terpenes that balance it out nicely especially the piney /citrusy notes in background. Overall, if you enjoy cheesy strains or aroma, I would seek this out definitely being the promient aroma in the strain .


Packing my dried herb vape up and starting it, the first taste i get from vape is strong herbal/pine taste. As I continued, I got a taste of earthyness/woodsy. Later, as I would exhale, I would get spiced mint notes mixed with sour citrus notes. Also did notice the herbal taste come back full circle on the exhale. As well I am also getting confused about whether I'm getting a citrusy note on exhale more promient or if it is mixed with more subtle berry/fruity notes. It's very subtle but can't be sure . Overall, it's a very nice assortment of terpenes and definitely see where the main terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linaloo impact the profile of this strain . In bong or joint, it burns well and had a nice resin ring as well in a joint.


The effects I get kick in relatively quick within 3 mins or so . The first effect I get is at a nice medium/moderate potency simliar to strain mix. I've tried in Mint Chocolate Chip . It gives a slight energizing vibe but not as much as Mint Chocolate Chip by itself would . Also, the same case of no aniexty as well from these effects. As more time passes, I get nice body buzz still at the medium/moderate potency. A great mix of uplifting and euphoria effects combine to make for nice heady effects that go up to moderate potency . Makes it easier to function but also be very medicated at the same . More time will pass, and some more sedating relaxing vibes will settle in to round out this great balance of sedating and alerting effects. Overall, I am quite pleased by the versatility of the strain and its potency.


Overall, BC Weed Co has impressed me again with this strain and their grower . Cocobamba grown by Pure Fire Co is a great grower, in my opinion. I've come to find out they have some quality product first with Peyote Kush Cake . Cocobamba is a great strain I would use around lunchtime, and onwards, it is a great functional but potent mix of both sedating and alerting effects. Low and high tolerance users will both enjoy this. Low tolerance user I would say start small this is a potent strain and also people who are sensitive to energizing effects be aware as well . I myself didn't have any issue, but everyone is different, so I thought it would be best to put it. I found it personally helped me with aniexty, chronic pain/headaches, and appetite stimulation . It's very versatile strain and has the potential to help with a lot of different things. If you see BC Weed Co or Purefire Co available or around, it is definitely worth a grab . My next review will be BC Weed Co Envy strain .

As always, I hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

Glen Grieve

Coco Bamba



Smooth / very good

Probably the smoothest smoke I’ve ever . Nice taste and smokes well


Hits the mark, very pleasing effects…

Pure fire

Pure fire 🔥 Premo stuff, extremely smooth , tasty and a nice balanced and relaxed buzz. Perfect buds. Amazing Terps. Just overall amazing , top notch , top quality.

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