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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 26.2%
  • TERPS 3.7%

Island Pink Kush

Island Pink Kush is a pheno of the legendary Pink Kush strain. With a heavy gas-filled aroma, this strain packs a punch when it comes to aroma and flavour. Users will love its earthy and sweet taste, while its cerebral effects offer a mellow and relaxed high.

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Pack Date: 2023-11-23

About Island Pink Kush

Island Pink Kush is a pheno of the legendary Pink Kush strain. With a heavy gas-filled aroma, this strain packs a punch when it comes to aroma and flavour. Users will love its earthy and sweet taste, while its cerebral effects offer a mellow and relaxed high.

Island Pink Kush is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality craft flower with great flavour, and an even better experience. Enjoy! 

Grower: Aaron's BC Bud in Coombs, BC

Terpene Analysis

  • Valencene
    • 1.48%
    • 0.37%
    • 0.36%
  • Limonene
    • 1.48%
    • 0.37%
    • 0.36%
  • Pinene
    • 1.48%
    • 0.37%
    • 0.36%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

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A gentle kush

I don't like bringing specific other brands into the picture, but in this case I want to emphasize that this Pink Kush is seemingly gentler on me than Pure Sunfarms'.

Andre Hanson

G⛽️S ‼️ We need strains like this ‼️

Love it!

Classic Pink Kush, super potent and clean-burning. Could use a humidipack but other than that, was pretty stellar

Good bud!

My eighth came as 1 big chonker bud, with some nice purple colouring too. Excellent bag appeal.

It seemed a little too dry, but grinding revealed some moisture hidden inside, because the grind was sticky enough.

The nose is similar to other Pink Kush cultivars I’ve had before with a nice flowery note from the linalool, with a little fruit and earth to go with it.

The flavour is similar to the smell. Not super strong but very nice.

This is really good bud, strong and tasty.

Solid Pink

Worth a try for sure. Nice smell taste and buzz. A tad dry but nothing excessive. Good grab especially at the price point can't go wrong

Aarons BC Bud Island Pink Kush 27.1% thc

Aarons BC Bud Island Pink Kush 27.1%thc


Today, I'm trying Aaron's BC Bud's Island Pink Kush through Herbal Dispatch for 29.95 for a 3.5 . Aaron BC Bud is based in Vancouver Island, BC . Island Pink Kush is a phenotype of Pink Kush strain. This strain was packaged on Dec 1st, 2023. It's coming in around 27.1% thc

The 3.5 had about 4-5 small buds . They were literred in tricomes and had great bud structure. They were a bit on the dry side, but not to the point I could crumble it between my fingers.

Opening up the bag, I smell what I am accustomed to with pink kush. This phenotype shares quite a lot of similarities the first notes I get or classic kush aroma with notes of musk. As I continued I do notice this phenotype. The aroma of kush comes with stronger earthy aroma than other Pink Kush strains I've tried . It does have some more subtle sweet notes as well in the background of the aroma . It is your classic pink kush aroma, but it slightly differs in my opinion with less sweet notes and stronger earthy and gas notes on this with classic muskyness.


Grabbing some to put in the vape after my first inhale, I thought what would be harsh inhale was actually some heavy notes of earthyness. As I continued inhaling, I got notes of gassy/forest notes. On the exhale, I do get subtle notes of sweetness. Overall, it was smooth smoke in dried herb vape . In the joint and bong, it was slightly harsh. Nothing I would he concerned about, but I did notice the difference slightly.


After 6 mins when I first inhaled . I get some medium potnecy of effects of those classic happy/uplifting I'm accustomed to with this strain it adds some effects of calmness and relaxing. Not long after, I do get slower build up to medium/moderate potency level little longer than other pinks I've tried with build up . Those calmness and relaxing vibes get stronger with the potency increase with munchies soon following. As soon as it eventually settles at that potency, the couchlock vibes come in and buildup to the point I get sleepy vibes and goodnight sleep around the corner


This is my first time trying a strain grown by Aaron's BC Bud, and I wasn't disappointed although I wasn't blown away when it came down to it. It's still what I expected out of a pink kush . Good sedating effects, and simliar pink kush aroma. The flavor was slightly harsh in some methods of inhaling cannabis and buds were slightly dry side but when it came down to it. It did its job just with slower build-up to medium/moderate potency instead of moderate level I've had with other Pink kush strains . I recommend that low tolerance and high tolerance users it as a nightime strain. I find it helps a lot with insomnia and anxiety.

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

Solid choice

Nice stuff. Good smell and taste. Nice buzd

Good Showing

I waited impatiently (LOL) for some good insomnia-busting medicine and when this hit the website and ordered it the first week without the benefit of any reviews or hearing any feedback. Needless to say, I felt I was taking a risk but have grown accustomed to trusting the folks at Herbal Dispatch and after speaking to a few of them who had tried this offering, I pulled the trigger.

Once I received it, I re-jarred it from the mylar packages and it needed about 3 days to liven back up. Once it got there I tried some out and was pleasantly impressed;

Smell: Reminds me of legacy PK smell from years ago with a slightly fruity smell that was noticeable addition to that usual rosewater smell. (4/5)

Look: Under the digital miscroscope there were actually some pink hues and 95% of the trichome heads were intact! This stuff was certainly handled with care. (4.5/5)

Experience: Perhaps not the #1 smoothest PK I have ever tried but it was still quite enjoyable through my Venty vaporizer. The effects were classic PK so if you are chasing that sedated bedtime medicine, this is your medicine. (4.5/5)

Overall/TL:DR: If you want a good PK, get off your wallet and order some of this!

Just great

This is an excellent version of Pink Kush. Big nugs, earthy and gassy, super relaxing and melting. Love it. A definite rebuy.


It’s pink, it’s nothing to write home about. Was harsh when smoked , had me coughing a lung. High was strong and potent like most pink.

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