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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 28.8%
  • TERPS 4.2%


Kruntz is a local BC pheno of an unknown Runtz cross which some claim resulted from Krazy Runtz being crossed into the original LA Runtz. What is for sure is that this local version provides one of the most intense candy profiles that the world has ever seen. Contains: 3.5 grams

Veteran allotment: 3.5

Pack Date: 2024-03-05

About Kruntz

Kruntz is a local BC pheno of an unknown Runtz cross which some claim resulted from Krazy Runtz being crossed into the original LA Runtz. What is for sure is that this local version provides one of the most intense candy profiles that the world has ever seen.

The sweet and sour candy profile is loud and clear, sure to be a crowd favorite. Grown to perfection by Abby Leaf in Abbotsford, BC and cured for a minimum of 30 days.

Contains: 3.5 grams

Terpene Analysis

  • Limonene
    • 1.22%
    • 0.95%
    • 0.45%
  • Myrcene
    • 1.22%
    • 0.95%
    • 0.45%
  • Linalool
    • 1.22%
    • 0.95%
    • 0.45%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Similar to Rainbow Driver

Reminded me of RD by Woody Nelson. Similar flavor profile and great high!



Really good medicine

Two decent medium size buds and an assortment of smalls/popcorn made up my eighth. They’ve got good colour and decent moisture, and they grind up nice and sticky.

A nice mild minty musk from the jar, which translates into a really nice minty sweet flavour in the vape.

This is really good medicine. I might have to check out some of the other Book Club drops.

Book Club Kruntz (Krazy Runtz x LA Runtz )(Abbyleaf)28.8%thc 4.2 % terpenes

Book Club Kruntz (Krazy Runtz x LA Runtz )(Abbyleaf)28.8%thc 4.2 % terpenes

Today, the brand I'm trying for the first time is Book Club and their strain Kruntz grown by Abbyleaf. Abbyleaf growers are based in Abbotsford ,BC. Book Club is BC distributor for craft growers. This strain Kruntz is a mix of Krazy Runtz and LA Runtz it was grown by growers Tim Kaway and Bianca Mamiya. Coming in at 28.8 % thc and 4.2 %terpenes. On the bag is list the following terpenes and their %'s. D-Limonene 1.23%,Beta-Myrcene 0.95%,Linaloo 0.45%, Beta-Caryophyllene 0.25%,Beta-pinene 0.21% ,Selina 0.15%. This 3.5 I purchased from Herbal Dispatch for 30.95 before tax, and it was harvested January 4th,2024, and with a cure time of 30 days on the bag. The bag was packaged on March 12,2024 . Overall, I always appreciate a lot of information on the bag. More importantly, the harvest date as well grow,farm,breeder,terpenes,cannabinoids, and their flavor profile was found as well on it.

Opening up my bag, I was presented with one big bud and collection of 2-3 small buds. They were slightly dried with outside crisp when squishing buds their was a bit of moisture and slight spongyness. Tricome cover is great all around the buds . Has good assortment of just a variety of green hues and some orange hairs little everywhere on buds.


Opening up the bags their is aroma but harder to identify, so I grinded up a bud and from their aroma got a little stronger for me to pick it up. I got some notes of earthyness from the first smell of the aroma. As I continued, I was getting a subtle mix of pine and gas, which is an interesting mix. Trying to still identify some of the aromas I get very subtle sweet herbal in the background but very hard to identify if your not looking for it near the end I do gey slight hint of spiced notes as well mixed in with earthyness . Overall, it is an interesting aroma. I do wish it was a slightly stronger aroma. Otherwise, it is a nice mix of terpenes.


The first taste I get from the vape is on inhale, which is strong herbal spiced notes, even slightly woodsy notes. As I continued, I noticed notes of sour citrusy coming through similar to sour candy notes they mentioned in the flavor profile. I was inhaling again to see if there were any terps I could possibly miss. Then, right when I finished up, I did get notes of fuel/gas on exhale it mixed in with herbal notes, which is why I think I missed it originally on the first exhale I did. Definitely interesting terpene profile, although I didn't notice any sweet notes. Maybe they were subtle and didn't pick it up. In the bong, it burned well and was smooth smoke in the joint it burned nice and smooth with very subtle citrus fuel on exhale.


The effects kick in about 5-6 mins around nice medium potency. The first effects I get are nice body buzz. I find not to get a full-on body buzz I'm accustomed to, but nice tingling starts throughout the feet and hands nicely. Not to long after approximately 10 mins nice uplifting vibes with light head focus effects coming in. Around this time the potency has build up from medium potency to straight moderate potency with some calming sedation kicks in more it begins to overwhelm the body with more sedation till near the end of the high you've gone from nice happy calm vibes that turn into almost couchlock sedation leaving you in nice relaxed state. Overall, this is a really good potent hybrid that leans slightly more to some sedating properties and effects in the latter of its effects.


Overall my first experience with Bookclub lp and they're grower for this strain Abbyleaf has been positive one Tim Kaway and Bianca Mamiya have done nice job growing this strain.This strain personally helped me with chronic pain and aniexty mainly as well as digestive issues. It's great strain for low tolerance users and high tolerance users it's good potent hybrid in my opinion that eventually leans into sedation and cause of the easy buildup it would be easier on low tolerance user but as always start small everyone is different with their tolerances. I would personally use this in the afternoon to nightime cause it is nice mix of sedating and alertness when it starts off but cause of sedation later kicking in it would be more effective I find in later part of the day . Bookclub and Abbyleaf growers are definitely worth a try if they are in your area. Currently, I believe they operate via medical ports and in BC as of right now. They have others strains in flower via Herbal Dispatch by BookClub grown by Abbyleaf like Cactus Licker,Strawberry Jerry,Unicorn Poop ,Cactus Milk,Licorice Gumball and Fight Club pre roll at the time of this review hope to review them some or all them in the future.

As always, I hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨



In da club

Nose: 8/10 nice terps.
Flower: 7.5/10 small buds.
Price: 7.5 decent quality to price ratio.
Overall: 7.7/10 good stuff.

It's TaSty!!

It tatae amazing. The trim job isn't the best but it doesn't matter it's an all around good runtz strain and burns all white ash in a joint. So we have a proper flush. The book clubs kruntz is the first strain I tried but I believe I'll try the I believe bc area and they have s store where they have a weekly smoke session oj the outside of course but like you were eating a meal outside a restaurant. All and all a good strain a mus try for runtz lovers

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