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  • THC 3 MG
  • CBD 20 MG

Over It Decaf Coffee - CBD

Organic Swiss water process decaf dark roast coffee pour over filter with rapid acting 20mg CBD

Veteran allotment: 1.5

Pack Date: 2023-04-15

About Over It Decaf Coffee - CBD

Emprise in Paradise Over It Decaf Organic Coffee is an all in one solution for your daily discrete cup of gold delivering rapid-acting 20mg CBD-dominant product in an easy pour-over filter.

Just pour hot water in the top of your favorite mug for a perfect cup every time - No Machines needed! Fresh Locally Roasted in Calgary Alberta at our Certified Organic Roastery.

Emprise in Paradise Coffee is shade grown and harvested and sorted by hand at the farm and Decaffeinated using swiss water process. A vibrant, lively bodied organic coffee with bold earthy aromas and hints of chocolate with a slightly dry finish. Creativity in a cup, delicious, easy, and packed with CBD which is molecularly synergistic with coffee you'll never want for a regular cup.

Ingredients: Organic Decaf Coffee, Rapid-Absorption CBD Powder (Maltodextrin, Water, Cannabis Extract, Polysorbate (80), MCT Oil, Sorbitan Monooleate, Citric Acid).

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


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