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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 24.6%
  • TERPS 2.6%

Captain Kush

This product is aimed at the consumer who is looking for a value-priced product. Large apical flowers are found in these bags coated with frosty trichomes.

Veteran allotment:

Pack Date: 2022-10-12

About Captain Kush

This product is aimed at the consumer who is looking for a value-priced product. Large apical flowers are found in these bags coated with frosty trichomes.

Captain Kush is a rare hybrid strain made by crossing OG Kush with Snowcap. This strain produces mild uplifting effects that slowly take flight. Captain Kush will gently relax you as your mind wanders without clear focus.

Captain Kush has a neutral aroma and mild fruity flavors with notes of pine. The gentle nature of this strain makes it an ideal choice for new and veteran consumers of cannabis.

Terpene Analysis

  • Nerolidol
    • 0.76%
    • 0.41%
    • 0.14%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.76%
    • 0.41%
    • 0.14%
  • Humulene
    • 0.76%
    • 0.41%
    • 0.14%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I wish I bought more

This stuff hits hard and tastes great. Citrusy and earthy, super smooth. I got some great sized buds, almost no popcorn. 10/10


No need to complain about other reviewers since weed is very subjective. Although I appreciate weed appearances, for some it is not necessarily top priority depending on what your looking for. Medical benefits seekers vs being a weed snob ! Some bags where top notch some were not that great. Grind it & roll it ! For the price it is worth it. Would not pay more than 5/gram though.

Who’s writing these reviews?

What kind of OG fan would love this? This bud is lifeless, flavourless, and all smalls with some nice random stems thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t look anything like the pictures do, and the terpene profile of “earth and kush” that’s good for the OG lovers is so far from what this is. The smell is more like old wine. So, who keeps writing these glowing reviews? Definitely did not meet the hype and I know this was heavily discounted for the age, but this is still not worth the price. A few misleading reviews have spoiled this for me. This is some seriously sad bud, save your money.

Good bud

Good quality for the price!

Excellent strain for OG Kush lovers !

Now that what I am talking about ! Yummy Kush !! I felt relaxed but not to sedated. Helped me with anxiety, pain and insomnia. For me this one checks all boxes ! Please make this one a regular !

Redburn captain kush

Great smoke enjoyed it immensely will surely buy this again. Thank you herbal dispatch.

The Top Deals

Yall sleepin , why would i say something else? Its the truth . Ok dont buy it so more for me i dont care .

An amazing strain!

I get they occasional strain that sends me flying after a single .25g capsule in my Mighty and I always thought it we the terpene combo.

I’m here to tell you there are two things to check every COA for CBG and CBGA. CBD has been the most common non psychoactive Cannabinoid for years. I’d always tell people to mix a small amount of 1:1 strains in their salads to give it a bit more oomph. CBG does just that in much smaller quantities.

Captain Kush has .08% CBG and .65% CBGA. It’s effect feel stronger than a strain of equal % without the CBG

Try it and you’ll know what I mean!


Dealt with them some years back. They haven't skipped a beat. Customer service I've experienced is hospitable and welcoming. I am glad I switched providers. If you're considering changing or obtaining a provider look no further.


First thought when i opened the bag was kind of disappointed , nothing really stood out to me. Buds were small, and not visually Appealing. This was the first time I opened a bag from north 40 that did not give me that wow factor. However ! Just as expected great quality , smooth burn , light taste , nothing Harsh with this flower. The high is definitely a creeper , very spacey high , feeling like a cloud, I feel relaxed and care free. This one starts off in the body and works it’s wAy to your head. All in all a good product , especially at the price point.

About North 40 Cannabis

North 40 Cannabis' mission is to grow great products for the most demanding customers and have fun doing it. North 40 is the quintessential Ma and Pa cannabis company. Run by Cara and Gord, this small, family-run cannabis company in the middle of nowhere was licensed as Canada's first micro-cultivator and micro-processor. This allows them to focus on quality and accountability in everything they do.