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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 55.5%
  • CBD 19.2%

THC Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears - full spectrum extract offering ultra concentrated and potent benefits of a fully decarboxylated and doseable honey like resin. Contains: 1 gram

Veteran allotment: 5.0

Pack Date: 2024-01-05

About THC Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears - full spectrum extract offering ultra concentrated and potent benefits of a fully decarboxylated and doseable honey like resin. Also refered to as RSO, this compound features a wide range of cannabinoids and showcases the rare strain of 'Tranquil Elephantizer'.

Featuring subtle flavours and aromas of herbs and spice, this heavy Indica strain is very sedating and effects are felt throughout the body. Dispensing consistent doses of 0.1 gram (ml) per click, each applicator contains 10 doses. 1 gr (ml) product per applicator. Intended for ingestion.

Contains: 1 gram

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

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Good strong medicine

It’s extracted from a single cultivar, Tranquil Elephantizer, which they say is indica dominant. I do find it quite sedative, so probably better for evening use.

The oil itself is a nice reddish colour with no noticeable impurities. It has a weedy taste, but mixed up with a spoonful of peanut butter, it wasn’t very noticeable. No real aftertaste either.

Warning, this stuff is strong, each .1ml dose is 55mg of THC, so this stuff is for those of us with high tolerances.

This is really good medicine, with a nice kick of THC and CBD in each dose, and good body effects. I really like the price too, so I can see myself buying more.

It is really hard for me to read the black text and lines on the syringe against the reddish oil, so dosing has been a challenge though. Of course that just might be my old eyes.

P tears


Phoenix tears

Brings me back 20 years when we didn't have hundreds of diff types of concentrate!

Very potent but not great for an edible

Not a big fan of this stuff. i found it harsh to digest/taste. Also the syringe is very hard to get a consistent dose compared to the clicking other brand HD offers..

Plantar Wart removal pain control

Having a very ugly and painful few months of a Plantar Wart being removed with a microwave treatment. Couldn't put any weight on my foot today and an hour after putting some of this on I could walk again. Believe me when I say you dont want me to upload a photo for this review lol


I’ve been using this stuff to sleep. The only time I enjoy some cbd is in edibles I use for sleep. The 3:1 thc:cbd is perfect. This is nice because most of the edibles and pills and oils aren’t strong enough for me. It also dabs pretty nice for RSO. Glad I grabbed a couple on sale. If you can’t find edibles that are strong enough this might be worth a try.

First time

This was my first time using this product. Once you find out the right amount to take it’s a very great experience. This didn’t have any bad after taste for me , I put some on some chocolate. I much prefer this over traditional edibles , seem to be easier to control and a very relaxing state of mind without being too overwhelming at the right dose. Great stuff , for some reason I keep wanting to take some , but it does leave you feeling kinda drowsy the next morning . Will no longer feel the need to medicate on edibles with this product available.


Had me flying for hours. Excellent for dulling pain, knocked me out.

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