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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 28.6%
  • TERPS 2.2%

Midday Mix - Mango Haze

This hybrid strain will indulge your taste buds with the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. Mango Haze is a must-try for those who crave bold and delicious flavours.

Veteran allotment:

Pack Date: 2024-06-27

About Midday Mix - Mango Haze

Your midday slump just met its match with Happy Hour's Midday Mix. This perfectly balanced hybrid strain will provide a boost of energy and focus, without sending you over the edge. Made with premium craft cannabis, Midday Mix is a must-have for those busy, stressful days where you need to stay productive and on top of your game.

Mango Haze is a three-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights #5. The plant is very potent, with a high THC content of around 24% which produces robust psychoactive effects. As such, this strain is not recommended for new users. Mango Haze delivers a tasty bud, packed with tropical fruit flavours and a bold, sweet taste.

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
    • 2.46%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.23%
  • Farnesene
    • 2.46%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.23%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 2.46%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.23%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mr. Kim Ohlhauser
Great Choice

As stated a perfect Midday Mix!

Nice smoke

I enjoyed it for a daytime smoke. Great value.

This one Slaps!

Its got a faint raw mango smell when you open the bag, which pulls through in the smoke too. Not too shabby. Burns clean and nice. Not a wake and bake but a daytime smoke. Popcorn nugs.

The percentages listed on the website or not the actual percentages of the stuff they send you

It’s says it’s 23.1% with 4.2% terpenes on the website but that’s not the Same percentage are Stated on the bag. On the bag it says it’s 28.6% thc but only 2.1 terpenes. I only buy strains with terpene Percentages nothing usually under 2.7% because they work better from My pain condition than strains with lower percentages. Hopefully this happens to no one else please correct this.

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